Heat & Air Doctor, Heating & Air Conditioning, Culleoka, TN

Why Choose Heat & Air Doctor

Finally. . . A Heating/Cooling Contractor
Eager to Hear What You Have to Say!

Our specialized training guides our every step. Whether the visit is for service, for repair or for maintenance service, we ALWAYS begin with a series of questions crafted to zero in on your TOTAL COMFORT SOLUTIONS.

We'll ask questions like:

Do all areas heat and cool at the same level?
Do you experience swings in temperatures?
Does your air conditioning ever feel damp or clammy?
Are there areas in your home where you feel drafts?
How often do you have to dust?
Are you ever disturbed by noises from your equipment or ductwork?
Are there odors in certain areas of your home?
Do you have problems with mildew or mold growth?
Do allergy sufferers experience symptoms inside the home?
Do family members suffer from winter colds, sinus problems or other respiratory conditions?
Do you have expensive artwork, furniture or woodwork that you want to preserve?
Are you troubled by dry air and static electricity in winter?

Your answers to these and other questions will guide us to solutions or, if necessary, to further diagnostics to help identify the problem.